The company Tsonevski project & consulting group company starts its work in the beginning of 2006 in order to fulfill the growing need of performing professional service in the field of design, consulting and building management.

The company’s aims include:

  • To fill the missing link in the process of investment design.
  • To restore the balance between man and nature.
  • To meet the contemporary requirements – healthy microclimate, “green” architecture, high standard of living and ecological environment.

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Creating a system of professional units is the main priority of the company. For this purpose well-established specialists in the field of investment design are involved.

Through the established working system of managing the building process and a qualified team of professionals the company has proven its capability to help you achieve successfully all of your ideas or business plans. We are ready to meet your highest expectations.



  • To be the missing unit in the process of design and construction:
  • – the link investor – project team;

    – the link investor - executer.

  • To select a suitable team for precise implementation of every investment intention.
  • To be the most preferred company for every one interested in design, construction and investment process.
  • To be a leading project and consulting company.
  • To facilitate the investors by taking care of all their engagements and saving them resources and time.
  • To manage and implement all phases of investment design.
  • To create buildings and spaces with healthy microclimate, high life standard and ecological environment.
  • To offer our clients and investor a working system with the best individual solution for everyone.
  • To be socially responsible company.



Tsonevski project & consulting group is specialized in the field of investment design, investor supervision, team management and performance of construction work.

  • Analysis and preparation of preliminary study and planning.
  • Finding a suitable location.
  • Urban planning and development.
  • Preparation of urban master plans – common master plan “OUP”, detailed regulation plan “PUP”, work regulation plan “RUP”.
  • A status change of farm land.
  • Building investigation and preparation of energy efficiency report.
  • Seeking and offering energy efficient solutions.
  • Architectural survey of buildings.
  • Constructive investigation.
  • Architectural design.

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  • Preparation of “idea - conceptual”, “technical - design” and “work - constructive” investment projects.
  • Interior projects- design and implementation.
  • Interior and exterior 3D visualizations and modeling.
  • Management and supervision during the process of project design and construction.
  • Obtaining all the necessary documents, licenses and co-ordination letters.
  • Management and designing for funding application through the European Structural and Investment Funds.
  • Preparing budgets and preparing business plans.
  • A choice of independent construction supervision.
  • Preparing quantitative and value account and selection of an executer.
  • Author’s supervision.
  • Investor supervision.
  • Management and control.

Mission, vision and values


The main mission of Tsonevski project & consulting group is to restore the symbiosis between man and nature.


  • Individual approach in the preparation of investment projects.
  • Creating a healthy microclimate in the buildings and the surrounding environment.
  • Energy-independent or passive buildings and towns (villages).
  • A closed cycle of the investment process.
  • Sustainable and balanced development.
  • Ecology.
  • Management.
  • Social and corporative responsibility – focusing on the goals and their final achievement.
  • Prosperity.
  • Partnership and trust.
  • Energy efficiency, passive buildings and “green“ architecture.

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  • Building up a working system to take care of the investors’ engagements and save their precious time.
  • Creating a successfully working organization in order to fulfill the client’s dream.
  • Creating/Finding the missing piece of the puzzle in investment process:
  • the link investor – project team;
  • the link investor – executer.
  • A complete engagement and control over the gathering of the necessary documentation.
  • Assistance in the process of issuing licenses and co-ordination documents and procedures.
  • To be a leading project and consulting company.
  • To be the most preferred company for every one interested in design, construction and investment process.
  • The company success is connected with the clients’ success.
  • Emotional intellect.
  • Long-term program of development.
  • Quality, innovations, new technologies.
  • Independence.
  • Building up lasting relations.


The company Tsonevski project & consulting group has successfully realized hundreds of investment projects thanks to the ability to create teams that work in mutual trust. The designed work system helps finding the right solution at any moment of the process of designing, managing and realizing of the investment intention. The people working for the company know what they want and how to achieve it.

In our team you can find experts from all spheres of the investment process- architects, engineer, and economists – able to turn every dream into a complete qualitative real product.